About Us

The Team Aguri car repair and chop shop has been around for over 20 years. The idea for the shop was born when the owner, Jack, was still a teen. He used to repair his Ford Mustang all the time with his father, so the love for cars started early on.

Jack didn’t want to go to college or become an astronaut, he hooked up with a couple of local kids and decided to tune streetcars during the day and race them in back alleys at night. As years went by, the Aguri team kept growing and all of the people involved have let their roots grow in the shop.

Together we have worked on all kinds of projects including building cars for the SEMA festival, devising new turbocharger types, turning old junkers into pieces of art, and even buffing up police vehicles. Bring your car to the shop if you want to make something special with it.