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Hello and welcome to the website of true automotive enthusiasts. We represent a team of self-thought mechanics that live for the smell of grease, gas, and burned rubber. Cars are our passion and there is nothing we can’t do with your four-wheeled friend, so visit us and we’ll hook you up with the best overhaul in your city. 

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The world of tuning is where we belong because we are always looking for new ways to improve the cars performance as well as looks. We are here if you need a car that really stands out.

Body sculpting

Body sculpting

Nothing makes a car stand out more than a unique body and we’re well aware of that fact. We can make anything out of carbon fiber, so your car can look like something from the Fast and Furious.

Repair and care

Repair and care

No matter how good of a car you own, the road takes its toll and your car stops working as it should. When that happens, just bring it in and we’ll take good care of it.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been changing and evolving by the day and that has led to the creation of some iconic cars, but also functional vehicles that put usefulness before performance. The most popular cars in the last five years or so are the hybrids made by Lexus, Toyota, and Honda, but the newest all-electric cars are definitely taking over.

The most popular one is the new Tesla Roadster. It’s a car that has the performances that leave all other sports cars in the dust, but it also comes with a price that’s ten times cheaper than other cars.

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Why Choose Us

There are a couple of reasons why people trust us with their cars. The first one is our shop. Bring your car to us and you’ll see that we operate from a modern car repair shop, but we also have all of the classic elements as well.

Second, our team has a person for every car part separately. We work together and function like a real family. We treat every single vehicle like it’s our own and we always go the extra mile.

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